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Adventure in Manhood


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Rappelling and Ropes



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Please contact our AIM director, John McLean, for any questions about AIM. He can be reached at: 


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Rappelling and Ropes 

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Our Mission


Adventure in Manhood (AIM) is a non-commercial event developed to assist men and youth who have deep wounds around bonding with others of the same-sex. The activities and events are designed for the healing of emotional issues and wounds. We are a group of volunteers, not professionals.  The weekend does not administer clinical intervention associated with the counseling center.

AIM fosters healthy bonding with men and youth, through masculine activity, teamwork, and socialization. AIM challenges individuals physically, mentally, and emotionally in a safe circle of healthy men.  Although we are not a religious program, nor have any specific religious affiliation, we do indeed follow Biblical standards of living.  The volunteers come from a diversity of religious backgrounds and are instructed to support those of different faiths.  We do not proselyte.

Our Vision


AIM empowers men and youth by:

1. Establishing a mentor/buddy relationship. Each participant brings to the weekend a mentor (or buddy) who desires to bond with him. If the participant is a minor he must bring an adult over 21 years old.

2. Developing strength and overcoming fear surrounding masculine activity and association.

3. Bonding with other men and youth in emotional ways that foster a healthy masculine identity.

For questions, please contact us at 877-271-9389.