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Pornography & Sexual Addiction program

Problems with Pornography?


An ongoing group therapy program

to help Teen Boys overcome sexual compulsions*.


Meets every Wednesday

from 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


*Youth must complete a counseling assessment prior to enrollment.

*Mandatory Parents' Group meets the second Wednesday of each month at 8:00 pm

Pornography and Sexual Compulsion Treatment


The "Band of Brothers" is a group therapy experience developed for teenage boys who are compulsive in their use of pornography or other sexual stimulants. The program is based upon the pioneering work of Patrick Carnes, Pia Mellody, Claudia Black, Jon Bradshaw, Rob Weiss, Don Hilton and other professional clinicians who have researched this topic over the past 30 years. Concepts of addiction and tools for sobriety are taught. Materials are included.

Our program is superior to other interventions for three reasons:

  • We have an established system for participants to track their growth in recovery
  • There is a high level of collaboration within our program between therapists
  • The program is updated to reflect current science and research

While other programs do not have an established system, we have a series of handout materials and achievements that the young men utilize to learn about their problems. The system is organized in a way that is fun for the boys to progress through “ranks.” As they progress, responsibilities and rewards are offered to help them maintain motivation. This system has been polished over the past few years in working with many youths. Additionally, we hire a team of specialists who already have experience with these complicated issues, and who have a good demeanor working with youth. Our specialists work together and regularly discuss the situation of each young man. Finally, we attend the annual LifeSTAR conference to review current research and trends within the field of sexual addiction. The latest science is updated within the handouts, and current techniques brought into our group interventions. In summary, our program has a polished system for treatment, bolstered by current research, and implemented by a team of specialists who collaborate and plan for individual participant needs.

We recommend that families have a primary therapist at the counseling center while attending the program. Parents are expected to learn and participate in family counseling. These sessions should be set up by the parents and are not included within the program fees. Additionally, parents are required to attend monthly Parent Workshops, as well as a "Bootcamp Orientation."  These meetings are essential as a young man's success often depends upon his parents and families’ ability to make changes within the family system. Parents can help a young man in his recovery by adjusting dynamics or parenting techniques.

We use a system to help all the young men in the program move through the different steps necessary to achieve long-term success. We’ve established “Ranks” which are like different levels. The more work put into the program, the further up the young man’s rank. Graduation infers that a young man has completed the achievements of each rank. There are five Ranks in total.

Good recovery means more than simply NOT slipping. It means making internal changes. Each rank is structured around eight “pillars.” These pillars relate directly to areas of growth that must be addressed in order for a young man to establish lasting recovery. The Rank workbooks and the lessons within are a component of the educational pillar, but not the sole focus of the program. Young men must make changes inside themselves for lasting recovery, so each rank contains a task related to each pillar.

Ranking Pillars

  • Support Network Development
  • Shame Reduction
  • Education (related to the recovery)
  • Social Skill Development
  • Sobriety Skill Improvement
  • Self-Esteem
  • Family Systems
  • Emotional Awareness

Most young men require 12-24 months to work through the program. However, we do not put time constraints on them or shame them if they require more time to gain the necessary skills. Growth is our main objective.

The cost of the program is $220/month and includes each weekly session, as well as the Parent Group each month. The Parent groups are the second Wednesday of every month from 8:00-9:30 pm.  The Bootcamp Orientation is a separate fee and includes registration for the participant and both his parents, and typically occurs on a Saturday morning.  Additional needs for individual counseling and family counseling are not included in the program fees.

For additional information, contact our office at 480-668-8301.

Cost: $220 per month