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Christmas Triggers for Pornography Addiction in Mesa Arizona

By Floyd Godfrey, LPC, CSAT candidate


The holiday season is filled with fun, food and friends!  But if you’re struggling with pornography addiction in Mesa AZ, then you’ll need to watch out for triggers.  These triggers are common for various addictions, so there’s crossover.  Prepare for the Christmas season and you’ll avoid slips and potential relapse.  After working with hundreds of men struggling with pornography addiction in Mesa AZ, I’ve identified the following triggers that seem to come up frequently:

1.     FAMILY.  There are many opportunities to gather with friends and family.  Dinner parties, family nights, church services.  It all brings family together.  Sometimes family members create drama that can be upsetting or socially confusing.  Sometimes family members were perpetrators of abuse or manipulation.  Other times they are simply unhealthy people that create a negative energy in the room.  If family is a potential trigger, then prepare to set boundaries.  Perhaps you need to limit your interaction with certain people.

2.     TIRED.  Late nights socializing, spending time with friends, celebrations that go late into the night.  It creates the possibility of extending yourself too far physically.  If you become overly tired or worn out, you are much more likely to slip.  Addiction is wired into the limbic area of the brain, so when you’re tired you’re more susceptible to slips.  Plan ahead to avoid getting sleep deprived.  Rest when you need so you’ll have the mental energy to fight temptation toward pornography addiction.

3.     CHANGE.  The holiday season creates change in schedule and routine.  You don’t have the normal structure of getting up, going to work, etc.  You can sleep in, shop during the day, engage activities with your children in the afternoon, and go to social events that are not typically happening.  All this change in routine can be triggering for some porn addicts.  If this is your situation, create a plan to retain something regular every day.   Try to keep some things consistent.  This could include anything from getting up in the morning, to a regular lunchtime, to morning scripture study or recovery reading.  Simply find something that creates a routine during the holiday.

There may be many other triggers you stumble into during the holiday season.  You need to pay serious attention to Christmas triggers for pornography addiction.  Plan ahead and you’ll avoid slips and relapse.  If you would like to speak with a therapist trained in pornography addiction in Mesa Arizona, please give us a call.  We can help: (480) 668-8301.