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“Give Yourself Permission” – A Tool for Sexual Addiction Counseling in Mesa AZ


by Floyd Godfrey, LPC, CSAT candidate


Recovery from sexual addiction can be a long process.  It typically takes persistence over time to make a lasting impact on the problem.  Consequently, there may be moments during this marathon that an addict becomes so absorbed in treatment that they forget to have fun.  The work of recovery can get tiresome or begin to feel heavy.

“Give Yourself Permission” is a simple tool we discuss in our program that helps clients to lighten up the somber mood.  It’s an attempt to keep the fun in life – to enjoy living.

Think back on earlier times in life and remember activities or hobbies that you really loved.  What were you doing?  What made these things fun?  Where were you doing these things?  Don’t judge the memories - just identify them.

It’s been interesting to hear my clients identify a wide variety of fun activities from the past:  hiking, playing instruments, oil painting, going to museums, artwork, video games, or stamp collecting.  Every person is so unique in their interests, so make sure you don’t compare yourself to others.  Simply brainstorm from your own past.  You might include family members or friends into the brainstorming and ask them about the ‘good old days.’  Following your discussion, make a list of the activities you recall.

Write this list down somewhere.  When you feel the weight of recovery, or you’re getting discouraged, give yourself permission to have some fun.  Go to the list and engage any of the activities you identified.  Bring the fun back.  Lighten up the somber mood.  You are working hard, so give yourself permission to be happy.

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