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His Spouse's Reaction To His Sex Addiction

By Floyd Godfrey, LPC, CSAT prospect

When she discovered his sex addiction she really felt like she 'd been stabbed. Her response within was torment. A woman's response to her partner's sex addiction is something that has been mostly misinterpreted in years past. Fortunately, we now comprehend that many partners' reaction to their husband's sex addiction falls right into the category of trauma. A wife's response to his sex addiction may be incapacitating, although extremely common.

Some days were better than others, yet she was frequently pestered by stress and anxiety throughout the day that sometimes rose right into hyperventilation. She had problems sleeping and came to be physically worn out during the day.

A spouse's response to her husband's sex addiction is something that has actually been mostly misinterpreted in years past. Women were typically identified "codependent" and told to stop hovering over their spouse. This was unfortunate, but we now understand the classification of relational trauma in ways we did not previously. It's essential to understand that a traumatic experience is NOT something that could be controlled. The human brain will dump cortisol into the blood stream following a traumatic experience, and produce physical sensations in the body that make it difficult to function.

After discovery of his sexual obsession or behaviors, did you experience any one of the following signs or symptoms?

1. Trouble resting or nightmares.

2. Depression or stress and anxiety.

3. Unexpected loss or abrupt boost in hunger.

4. Stomach pains or problems.

5. Emotional flooding.

6. Consistent ideas regarding his actions.

7. Rage or uncontrolled temper.

8. General sense of impending worry or doom.

It's important that a woman gain an awareness and identify any sort of trauma response she's having. Her reaction to his sex addiction might be incapacitating, but it is really common. Some general counselors will take wives into an instruction that is more "coping"-oriented than "healing"-oriented. Their intent is good, but won't be the focus she needs.

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