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LifeSTAR Phase Two for Pornography Addiction in Mesa Arizona


By Floyd Godfrey, LPC, CSAT candidate


LifeSTAR is a three phased treatment program for pornography addiction.  Our LifeSTAR program for pornography addiction in Mesa Arizona surpasses other interventions for three reasons:

  1. We have an established system for participants to track progress.
  2. There is a high level of collaboration within the program between therapists.
  3. The program is updated to reflect current research.

Some programs expect clients to sort through various concepts without any structure to the learning.  We utilize formatted workbook materials to track progress.  This standardized process has been polished over the past fifteen years of helping many clients who are struggling with pornography addiction in Mesa Arizona.  Additionally, our therapists already have expertise with these complex issues.  They work together and discuss the unique situation of all the participants.  We also attend an annual LifeSTAR conference to hear about current trends within the field of sexual addiction.  The workbooks are periodically updated to reflect any changes reflected by research.  In summary, we have a polished system for recovery, bolstered by scientific research, and implemented by therapists who work together planning for participant needs.

The second phase of LifeSTAR involves integration of all the concepts learned in phase one.  Participants are expected to practice tools and establish an ability to maintain sobriety.  This phase requires hard work.  Husbands and wives follow workbook materials and attend gender-specific groups to present what they’ve learned and report their progress.  This phase of the program is self-paced, which means that participants remain within this phase until they have successfully completed the tasks.  Most participants are typically in this phase anywhere between six to eighteen months, depending upon individual motivation and growth.  Movement into the final phase of the program is discussed with the therapist as the participant completes the tasks.  We are less concerned about how long a participant stays in phase two, and more concerned about how proficient they become at utilizing tools, maintaining sobriety, and understanding their problem.  Growth is the main objective.

The workbooks for addicts in Phase two focuses on providing a deeper look at denial, the addiction cycle, fantasies and objectification, relapse prevention, and healthy living.  Partner’s workbooks take a deeper look at how her spouse’s behavior has affected her thoughts and behavior, learn how to establish healthy boundaries with their partner, and learn to effectively cope with anger and other emotions.  Additionally, spouses are taught the impact of emotional trauma this issue has created, and ways to heal and mend their relationship.

If you would like more information about our LifeSTAR program for pornography addiction in Mesa Arizona, give us a call for a free 15-minute consultation with one of our therapists who specializes in this area:  (480) 668-8301.