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Phase One For Pornography Addiction Counseling in Mesa Arizona


By Floyd Godfrey, LPC, CSAT Candidate


At Family Strategies Counseling Center we utilize a three-phased intervention for pornography addiction counseling in Mesa Arizona called LifeSTAR.  The first phase of the program is called the “Getting Started Workshop.”  It is a six-week psycho-educational class.  This phase provides participants with a basic understanding about pornography addiction and the underlying issues.  The primary focus of this phase is education.  When clients are well informed about the issues that influence addiction, they can make specific changes.  Guess work is eliminated.  It is intended for any adult male in recovery and his spouse.  The husband begins learning about his addiction, while his spouse learns about healing her own emotional wounds.  We strongly recommend that married couples come together so they can begin the process of education at the same time.  However, the workshop is also for single adults and for those clients whose partners are not willing to attend.  Likewise, it is appropriate for wives whose husbands are unwilling or unable to attend.  Unlike a support group or 12-Step meeting, a licensed professional counselor who specializes in these issues facilitates LifeSTAR.

Without some basic information about factors that cause and maintain pornography addiction, most addicts will be unsuccessful.  This important information needs to be taught at the beginning of the recovery process.  Many participants have been discouraged when visiting counselors who jump into issues of childhood abuse or emotional processing.  When these issues are addressed too early, the recidivism rate escalates.

We recommend that participants choose a primary therapist at Family Strategies Counseling Center to work through individual issues as they progress through the program.  LifeSTAR is a group format and will not always address individual concerns when they arise.

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