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Phase Three of Pornography Addiction Counseling in Mesa Arizona


By Floyd Godfrey, LPC, CSAT Candidate


At Family Strategies Counseling Center we implement a program called LifeSTAR.  It has three separate phases of intervention for pornography addiction counseling in Mesa Arizona.  The program is designed for adult, heterosexual men and their wives. 

The third phase of our program involves emotional management.  As in the preceding phases husbands and wives process their own issues within same-gender groups.  Participants cannot arrive at this third phase until they can demonstrate an established period of abstinence.  The men must have the ability to effectively use tools for sobriety or the processing of phase three will not be helpful to them.  Participants enter this phase of the intervention and address emotional issues that foster addictive tendencies.  Men often relapse because they never address core problems related to emotional factors.  The addict must learn to recognize his own emotions and ways to express his feelings.  Some addicts experienced abuse from childhood that also must be tackled.  Similarly, partners will address emotional issues related to their partner’s addiction.  Sometimes trauma creates tendencies toward codependency as a way to cope. 

Most addicts and wives are in this final phase between eight to eighteen months, contingent upon individual progress.  Graduation from LifeSTAR is considered with the group counselor, the participant, and the primary therapist.  Participants must be skillful at preserving a new recovery lifestyle. Once the sexual behavior has stopped and fundamental issues tackled, recovery lifestyle alterations are strengthened so as to retain sobriety.  For married partners, this is the occasion to exercise new ways of connecting to one another.  In phase three, couples put into habit all of the concepts and skillsets learned in the first two phases.

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