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Phase Two for Pornography Addiction Counseling in Mesa Arizona


By Floyd Godfrey, LPC, CSAT Candidate


At Family Strategies Counseling Center we utilize a program called LifeSTAR for pornography addiction counseling in Mesa Arizona.  It’s a systemic three phase intervention for this difficult issue.  The second phase of LifeSTAR involves integration of all the concepts learned in phase one.  Participants are responsible to practice tools and maintain a basic standard for sexual abstinence.  This phase requires effort and grit.  Husbands and wives follow workbooks and attend gender-specific therapy groups to present answers from their workbooks and also to report growth.  This phase of the program runs at each person’s individual pace, which means that participants stay within this phase until they have successfully completed the list of goals for the phase.  Most participants are generally in phase two anywhere between six to eighteen months.  This of course depends upon individual motivation and progress.  When someone is ready to move into phase 3 they do so regardless of the progress of others within the group.  Movement into phase 3 is decided upon with the therapist of the group, in conjunction with his/her primary therapist recommendation.  We are less worried about the length of time someone stays in the group, than we are about how good they develop a skillset for abstinence.  It’s also a priority for us that the participants broaden their understanding of the addictive factors.  Growth is the main objective.

The addict’s workbooks will provide a deeper perspective into denial, the compulsion cycle, fantasies, relapse avoidance, and general principles of recovery lifestyle.  The wife’s workbooks will take a deeper perspective into how her partner’s addiction has impacted her self-esteem, spirituality, and behavior.  It will also focus on how to establish boundaries with their spouse, and discover how to handle anger.  Additionally, wives are instructed on the impact of relational trauma that his addiction has generated, and ways to begin healing trauma while working through the relationship issues..

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