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Postpartum Depression - When the Bough Breaks

Summary by Jessica Hedgepeth, BHT
In May 2017, Tanya Newbould released a documentary entitled  When The Bough Breaks - A Documentary about Postpartum Depression. This groundbreaking documentary features the stories of countless women who faced their own battles with Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, Birth Trauma and Postpartum Psychosis. Heartbreakingly enough, Naomi Knoles, featured in the documentary telling her story of Postpartum Psychosis, later committed suicide. Its a testament to how important the topic of postpartum mental health is and serious the nature of this problem can be. 
The documentary is helpful for anyone to who is experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety, birth trauma or psychosis. It would be a good video for pregnant mothers and their partners to watch to educate themselves on postpartum mental health in the event they find themselves experiencing any of these symptoms after the baby arrives. Even if you aren’t pregnant or don't have a baby, watch this documentary and know what mothers around you may be going through. Gain empathy and insight into why it may not be easy for some moms to adjust to their “normal" life once again after baby arrives. 
The documentary also features mental health professionals offering education on the difference between baby blues or postpartum depression, what postpartum anxiety looks like and how these disorders differentiate from postpartum psychosis. Postpartum depression and anxiety are the number one complications of giving birth, but they are under-reported, often not talked about and frequently misunderstood. 
If you or a friend or loved one identifies with the symptoms in this documentary, please reach out for help. Free consultations are offered by calling our office today. Specialized treatment in postpartum mental health is available in our office in Mesa, AZ. You don’t need to suffer in silence anymore. 
To watch the documentary, search “When the Bough Breaks” on Netflix, itunes, and Amazon Video.