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Using a Vision Board in Counseling for Sexual Addiction in Mesa AZ


By Floyd Godfrey, LPC, CSAT candidate


When achieving any goal, it’s critical to create a vision for the end result.  If you cannot clearly see within your mind where it is you intend to go, then chances are high you will end up somewhere you didn’t plan to be.  The imagery you develop within your mind plays an important role in recovery from any addiction.

When working with clients in counseling for sexual addiction, I sometimes suggest that they create a Vision Board.  You will build this using some type of poster board or science-project board.  In preparation, I ask clients to think through the following questions to determine what to put on the board:

1.     What are the driving motivations in your recovery?

2.     Who are the people that support your recovery?

3.     How do you feel about yourself when you’re doing well?

4.     What are the times in your life you feel confident and assertive?

5.     What are the qualities that you most like about yourself?

6.     How does good recovery impact your spirituality?

The next step is to find pictures or photos that coincide with your list of answers. Find magazines, photos or online pictures.  Look for images that bring emotion.  You might even write out phrases or affirmations that reinforce the ideas.  Cut them out and secure them to the Vision Board.  Don’t worry about making it exactly perfect.  You can always add items later.

Finally, make sure you spend several minutes each morning looking at your Vision Board.  Repeat the phrases.  Talk out loud to yourself about the pictures.  Remind yourself of the motivations in your recovery.  Pray with God about what you see.  Ask Him to strengthen these images within your mind.

When you first start this exercise, you might even choose to carry your board with you and look at it throughout the day.  The more you can flood your mind with images of your goal, the more likely you will be successful.  The Vision Board is simply a way to strengthen the images.

Remember that daily recovery work is the key.  Work on this exercise every day until it becomes natural and easy to see these images.  Eventually you will find the images appear into your mind when you are tempted to fall.

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