Heather Koutsogiannis, PsyD

Doctor of Psychology

Areas of Specialty:

We all experience anxiety or sadness at some point in our lives. Whether these feelings are related to a longstanding challenge, life transition, or a new stressor, we can be left feeling overwhelmed and stuck. My goal is to help you confront, cope, and recover from difficulties, no matter the specific challenge that you face, so that you can live life more fully. I understand that the idea of therapy can seem intimidating, and I see your decision to engage in treatment as a true testament to your strength.

My specialty is working with children, teens, and their parents. I have specialized training in play therapy through the Arizona Association for Play Therapy (AZAPT) and particularly enjoy working with those diagnosed with ADHD. Parents frequently ask me: Why does it take my child 30 minutes to start their homework? Where are these outbursts coming from? Why do I have to repeat myself four times just to get my child to get off the computer? Parenting kids with ADHD is difficult, trying, and downright frustrating at times. ADHD brains can be unpredictable, inattentive, and emotional…all at once! My goal is to come alongside parents of children diagnosed with ADHD and guide them as they navigate 504 meetings at school, emotional dysregulation, and the social rejection that often accompanies ADHD. Further, I aim to educate parents and children alike in the neurology of ADHD so that through increased understanding, parents and their kids feel more in control of their symptoms.

I integrate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, Dialectical Behavioral skills, and Solution-Focused approaches within a broader Family Systems framework.

Regardless of the particular framework I use, I strive to create a trusting and safe relationship with each of my clients.

Contact Dr. K at (480) 668-8301 ext. 1017 or hkoutsogiannis@familystrategies.org.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor Frankl