Negar Bayat, BHT

Areas of Specialty:

  • Adults, Families and Couples
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • OCD
  • DBT
  • Autism

Life is an incredible expedition encompassing a multitude of obstacles, ranging from simple to complex. My purpose is to equip you with resources and tools to conquer these challenges. As a devoted mother of two, I have encountered many obstacles throughout my journey. Recently, with the expansion of my family to a total of seven, I have personally discovered that from loss can arise tremendous growth and immense happiness.

I have been fortunate to embrace the beauty of two distinct cultures. My fluency in Farsi has granted me the ability to connect with a wider community, creating an environment conducive to profound learning. Irrespective of our origins or cultural backgrounds, each obstacle we confront has the potential to transform into a priceless experience.

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“Never fear the shadows; they simply mean there is a light shining nearby”- Ruth E. Renkel